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  • GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging
  • GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging

GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging


GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging

GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station and App – Share in the good times, love in the moment, and enjoying with friends. GroovyW is the World‘s First Multi-Functional Bluetooth Wireless Music Speaker with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and Wireless Charging Station (Qi Compatible), optimized for use with the LUXA2 Groovy Audio Center App.

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Product Description



Groovy Audio Center App 

Get your musical groove on with the LUXA2 Groovy Audio Center App.

Simply, pair up your device using the app to the GroovyW and begin maximizing the musical enjoyment of your tunes!

Let the Equalizer function improve and adjust the sound effects from your device to create your own personal music genre. Chase that dream from being a suave classical maestro to a wicked rock demon with a kick ass bass, the Groovy Audio Center Equalizer creates that musical fantasy you’ve always wanted!

The handy playlist library keeps your magical collection in check, in order and at the tip of your fingertips, whilst the pairing function offers a one-stop station for you to handle all your Bluetooth connectivity.

The truly Global Radio finishes off your total musical solution to delve into the vastness of the open cloud radio and reach within to listen to your favorite talk show, news and music no matter where you are in the world.

Features at a glance:
– Equalizer
– Playlist Library
– Bluetooth Pairing
– Global Radio
– Latest News

Android: Available Now from the Google Play store
IOS: April 2014

*Equalizer and Bluetooth pairing function not available on IOS


Find us on the Google Play Store

5 Band-level Equalizer Controller 

Kick things up a notch and elevate your audio experience with ease as you adjust your sound effect levels to get the best musical experience coming out of your device.

With genre enabled presets or custom 5-band-level equalizer control, tuning your tunes to how you want it has never been easier. More treble? More bass? Not a problem!

*Feature not available on IOS

Personal Playlist Library 

Take control of how your precious music collection is stored and listen to the tunes that you want, and in the order you want whilst on the move!

Organize the playlist of your favorite songs with the playlist library function of the Groovy Audio Center app; making for a more enjoyable musical experience.

Bluetooth Pairing Function

Connect your Bluetooth enabled device using the Groovy Audio Center app for quick and easy pairing of your device.

Simple one step on & off does the job, no more multiple steps to turn on your Bluetooth meaning that you have quick and easy access all in one place.

*Feature not available on IOS

Global Radio Function 

Listen to the best that radio has to offer; no matter where you are in the world.

Whether it is music, news, talk shows or sporting events, the Global Cloud Radio function gives you access to the newest and biggest musical hits of the moment to the everlasting classics of the ages, latest news and live stories, coverage of unmissable sporting events…all for free!

Immersive Sound x Sleek n’ Sexy Design Combination 

GroovyW is designed with modern appeal and easy portability, encompassing a sleek and classy fashionistic body made for providing the most immersive listening experience to all music lovers.

The internal mechanics have also been vigorously tweaked to compliment the outer exterior as to deliver an uncompromising combination of low, mid and highs to give the best possible musical experience.

Cutting Edge Bluetooth 3.0 & Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology 

The use of Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity provides fast Wi-Fi speeds, increased response rates and more efficient power usage for your devices as to ensure optimal operational efficiency. The result, a smooth and effortless musical user experience.

An added bonus has been given to the GroovyW with the inclusion of NFC technology meaning that users can automatically link up your device to the GroovyW by simply placing it on the NFC located badge.

Create superb wireless streaming of your music by Bluetooth or NFC. You decide.

Mesmerizing LED Touch Panel Controls 

The sleek and smooth LED lit touch panel allows users to easily access and utilize the GroovyW functions such as volume controls, play/pause and on/off features.

An added four bar LED battery status indicator is also available as to ensure users know how much power is left and when to recharge.

All Environment Multi-functional Speakerphone Capability  

The GroovyW’s multi-functional ability holds no bounds as the in-built microphone turns your musical playing genius into a speakerphone for hands free use during that all important call, and to ultimately create an overall safer and hassle free experience for the user.

Thoughtful Micro-USB Charging with LED and AUX IN Port  

Besides wireless charging being an option available to charge the GroovyW, it has a built-in micro-USB port for wired charging and provides added flexibility to your decision making. The 2200mAh built in li-polymer battery of the GroovyW requires only 4.5 hours to fully charge, meaning you’ll be jamming to your tunes again in no time at all.

The GroovyW also includes an AUX IN port for wired play from your device (smartphones, tablets, personal computer, headphones) to suit situations where a quieter touch may be required.

Hi-Grade 4000mAh Wireless Charging Station 

Utilizing the latest inductive charging technology for a true wireless charging experience. The wireless charging station possesses a premium grade 4000mAh li-polymer battery cell to provide an optimum power conversion efficiency ratio for your device, whilst itself only requiring 5.5 hours to fully charge.

Extreme reliability is another keynoted feature of the wireless charging station as it has undergone vigorous testing to ensure the highest quality. It is also in compliance with strict CE, FC and ROHS requirements.

Be safe in the knowledge that reliability and safety are at the heart of our products.

Wireless & Wired Charging Options Available      

Different situations in differing environments may require alternative charging methods for your device. Some devices only provide one charging method, an option that may or may not be the most convenient for you.

By providing both wireless and wired charging, we make sure that you have the option to not only charge multiple devices simultaneously, but also choose the one that suits your immediate needs based on your situation and environment.

Easy Portability for Every and All Occasions 

Designed with easy portability in mind, the GroovyW weighs a meager 596g and wireless charging station 192g respectively, providing easy mobility and easy storage to meet all your travel needs.

Perfect for both short and long road trips, beach outings, camping, on your desk at home or at work, the sky’s the limit! Play the music you love and charge the devices you dare not to live without with the world’s first Bluetooth speaker with wireless charging station.



Product Name
GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Station and App
180 mm
82 mm
66 mm
Wireless Charging Station
194 mm
17 mm
69 mm
Bluetooth CSR v3.0 + EDR
Wireless range
Up to 10 meters
GroovyW: 2,200mAh / 3.7V Li-ion
Wireless Charging Station: 4,000mAh / 3.7V Li-polymer
Micro USB (5V/0.5A)
Audio output
Total Ouput: 7W (Watts)
Playing time
Standalone: Up to 15 hours playing time (under normal conditions)
With Wireless Charging Pad: Up to 30 hours playing time (under normal conditions)
Charging time
GroovyW: 4.5hours (0-100%)
Wireless Charging Pad: 5.5 hours (0-100%)
Near Field Communication Technology (NFC)
Touch User Interface
Bluetooth Remote Control
Built-in Microphone
Charging station compatible with all wireless (Qi) charging devices
LED indicator
Four Bar LED indicator (Power)
Blue flashing LED indicator (Pairing)
Blue solid LED indicator (Charging)
Wireless Charging Station
Four Bar LED indicator (Charging)
Housing: Plastic
Cabinet: Plastic
Mesh: Metal
Wireless Charging Station
Housing: Plastic
Rubber: Charging ring
GroovyW: 596g
Wireless Charging Station: 192g
Content of delivery
GroovyW x1
Wireless Charging Station x1
Pouch x1
Micro-USB x1
Aux in cable x1
User manual x1
1 year


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3.23 × 7.65 × 2.72 in


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